Windows Based Application

Rs 00

  • Barcode Enabled Sutable To Plateform

  • Multi- Firm with single Sales Screen

  • Multi-User with different user rights.

  • Auto-Backup to Hard disk or PenDrive

  • Single screen sutable

Android / Mobile Enabled

Rs 00

  • Billing With GST Software coming with new technology i.e Android/Mobile Enabled.

  • View sales and Stocks report on your mobile/tab with best view as per your device .

  • Take customer order on your mobile and tab.

  • View your counter cash on your mobile and your tab.

Cloud Based (Billing With GST )

Rs 00

  • Billing With GST coming with another new technology called Billing With GST on cloud.

  • You can store your data on cloud server & use your software from any computer over internet.

  • Hassle Free Deployment and Maintenance.

  • Robust Data Security and Access Control