Why We Need This Software

your complete Business solution

  • Sales/Billing.

  • Head Office and Branches

  • Inventory/Stock Management

  • Centralized Bar-coding

  • Barcode Sticker Printing

  • Discount Scheme Manager

  • Accounts

  • Manage Products

  • Reports

  • Data Export To Tally

  • User Rights

  • GST Compliant

  • Multiple Cash Counter

  • Android/Mobile Enabled

  • Multi Firms

  • Cloud Base

Customizable Billing Software

Billing software have helped many business with faster billing, as we can see in every store there is always a queue that makes the task hard for the employees and makes the customers impatient. Reduction of workload and happier customers are always a level every store and business owner wants to reach and that is exactly what this software has in store for you.

Who need this software?

  1. Garments Shops
  2. Distributers
  3. Car Accessories
  4. Footwear Shop
  5. Gift Shop
  6. Book Stores
  7. Super Market
  8. Electronic Shops
  9. Retail Stores
  10. Mobile Stores
  11. Automobile
  12. Agriculture Product
  13. Stationary Shops
  14. Jewelers Shops
  15. Departmental Stores
  16. Bags & Luggage’s
  17. Furnishing
  18. Sports Shop