Our Modules

Multi – Firm Module

In Billing with GST Software you can make any numbers of Firms.

Billing with GST handles multiple firms at single location with Common Sale/Billing Screen.

You can view reports like Sale, Purchase, sales Return, Purchase Return, Stock report Firm-Wise, Daybooks, Product ,Customer , Supplier, GST.

Easy Billing & Multiple Cash Counter POS(Points Of sales)

An easy, fast and hassle free checkout for customer.

Sell your items by entering item name or by scanning Barcode.

Multiple modes of payment cash, credit card, cheque or credit.

Make multiple cash counters and track your cash counter’s performance.

Sales Invoice

Billing with GST software handles multiple customers by allowing you to hold current invoice and pick it later.

Secured way to gives spot discount to your customers.

Redeem your customers store credit/ credit note during invoice.

Sales Return

Accept your sales returns items wise / barcode wise or with sales invoice number.

You can adjust the items return in sale invoice or give credit note to customer.

Purchase & Stock Management


  • A complete stock management and easy inventory of all your products.
  • A unique auto-generated or user defined Barcode for each of your items.
  • Our new feature where you can add images of your product item.
  • Your item can have fields like design no, fit, brand, item name, city, type, category, sub-category, color, supplier, size, & department etc.


  • Billing with GST Software helps you keep track of all the purchase that you make.
  • Billing with GST Software enables you to enter stock directly without creating masters.
  • Receive item from the supplier with various discounts, offers & markdown.
  • Item modification, Qty., Purchase Rate Sales Rate, MRP & Discount can be edited in saved invoice.

Manage Customer & Suppliers


Enter all your customer details like customer name, address, contact no, birthday, anniversary, category & credit limit etc.


Enter all your customer details like suppliers name, contact, person, address, GST no, Credit limit & credit dues etc.

Parties Payments

You can make payment to suppliers by cash, cheque, DD etc.

You can receive payment from customer by cash, cheque, credit/debit card, DD etc.

Other Payments

You can maintain payment like Shop Expense, Salaries, any other expenses or income, contra entries etc.

SMS Alerts (SMS Module)

In today’s world SMS is the one of the fastest way to your customers Ours SMS module comes with the following features.

Thanks message to after customer making bill.

New product arrival message to customers.

Festival wish to customers.

Birthday & anniversary wishes to the customer

Hourly shop detail to shop owners

Discount/Cash refund alerts to shop owners

Shop open/close alert to shop owners

Day-End report to shop owners

Customer Loyalty Scheme (CRM)

With the module you can maintain your customer & attracts more customers through them.

In this module you can manage customers by different Loyalty programs

You can create loyalty cards like Silver, Gold & Platinum Card etc.

Discount Scheme Manager

Schemes and module you can maintain your customer & attracts more customers through them

Billing With GST Software allows user to define different types of offers.

Discount based on items, Brand, Suppliers, Category, Price range, Date criteria, Dead stock etc.

You can manage Discount Scheme for whole shop or for particular counter.

Data Export to Tally (Tally Module)

Billing With GST Software Exports Data to Tally ERP by just one click.

You can export sales, purchase, sale return, purchase return etc.

After exporting of data to tally you have to just finalize your Balance sheet.

Head Office & Branches ( Centralised Barcode System)

With this module you can manage chain of stores very easily.

In this module you can maintain Head Office, Warehouse & Stores.

Android / Mobile Enabled

Billing With GST Software coming with new technology i.e. Android/Mobile Enabled

Vies sales & Stocks report on mobile

Take customer order on mobile

View your counter cash on mobile.

Cloud Based (Billing With GST )

Billing With GST coming with another new technology called Billing With GST on cloud.

You can store your data on cloud server & use your software from any computer over internet.

Special Featurs

Barcode Enabled

GST Enabled

Multi- Firm with single Sales Screen

Multi-Branch or Chain of Stores

Multi-User with different user rights

Billing With GST support LAN

Auto-Backup to Hard disk or Pen Drive

Access User Rights